We help companies automate mundane, repetitive & administrative tasks that impede productivity.

Using industry leading automation technology, we are able to transform your environment by automating administrative tasks that plague companies.

Our digital workforce of software robots have next to no limit in application, able to interact with a dynamic range of applications & tools.

Catapult your company into the digital revolution & wield the disruptive capabilities of intelligent software machines.


Some of our applications...

Invoice Processing

Excel Manipulations

Payment Processing

Application Processing

Payment Reconciliations

Email Automations

Analysis & Reporting

Leads Generation

Data Scraping

And so much more...

Creative Working

Unleash the true creative potential of your employees.

Did you know that in today's professional workforce, employees spend an average of 2.5 hours on repetitive tasks per day? That is 2.5 hours that is wasted on non-value adding activities. 2.5 hours that could be spent on pursuing strategic initiatives. This can be a reality for you. Let's liberate them.


We only take money, if you save money.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Our monthly service fee is based on productivity gains or hours saved. No gain. No Pay.


It is time to work less, and think more. If you are striving to achieve the following in your organization, then our service offering may be right for you.


Increase in Productivity

Increase in Throughput

Increase in Employee Morale

Increase in Employee Creativity

Reduction in Errors

Reduction In Cost

Regulatory Adherence

Adaptive Scalability

It's a simple & easy journey with us.

We come at no cost to assess the compatibility of your organization, identify the opportunities & implement the robots. Our monthly fee is for the management & support of your digital worker.


Contact us & your soon-to-be digital worker will be in contact with you.

Helderberg Estate, Somerset West, 7130

Image by Tom Parkes

The Team

Paulo Scholle


Paulo kicked started his career by immersing himself in Robotic Process Automation, AI & Blockchain technology. He was worked on various key strategic in projects as senior engineer / management consultant for the top 3 insurers in the country. He is a qualified Industrial Engineer (cum laude), an accomplished UiPath, BluePrism & Workfusion developer & technology futurist.

Tommie Sephton


Tommie has spearheaded & managed key strategic projects for South Africa's biggest insurers. He has extensive knowledge of Strategy, Management Consulting & Process Engineering. He also serves as the director of the Process Engineering division of Convergenc3.

Stefan Smit


Stefan has served as executive and senior management in the worlds’ biggest management consultancies, banks, telco’s, financial services, retail and digital firms. He is a world known entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of Strategy, Fintech, and digital technologies. As a strategic futurist and qualified Industrial Engineer, he has helped shape several leading disruptive tech companies in the global market. He is also currently CEO of Convergenc3 and Convergergenc3 Labs.


We have formed powerful partnerships with industry leading technology and expertise. You're in safe hands.


UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.


Web-based & AI-powered RPA platform to automate any business process. Discover the future of automation, enabling businesses to automate processes & tasks. Centralized Control. Fastest to scale. Ultra Secure. Enterprise best choice.


WorkFusion is a leading vendor of Intelligent Automation solutions combining AI, RPA & machine learning capabilities for business process automation.


Convergenc3 helps businesses of all sizes get ahead of their competition through strategy & technology consultation. Convergenc3 is equipped to assist with Strategy, Engineering and Technology to optimize, transform and grow your business.


Startupbootcamp AfriTech is a leading accelerator focused on high-growth startups in blockchain, connected devices, payment solutions, capital markets and asset management, integrated supply chain, e-commerce, retailtech, insurtech, alternative financing, identity management, digital connectivity, data and behavioural analytics and enabling technologies.


Helderberg Estate, Somerset West, 7130

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